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Rachel Carey

Rachel is a veteran in the NDIS sector with an impressive career spanning almost 2 decades. Her journey began as a support worker, progressing through diverse roles to executive leadership. It was during a break for maternity leave that she seized the opportunity to register her own NDIS venture.

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Rachel stands as a beacon of excellence through her numerous prestigious awards and nominations. With an unwavering dedication to the betterment of the local community, Rachel has consistently demonstrated her commitment to positively impacting the lives of individuals with disabilities. Her remarkable efforts resonate through her advocacy for independence, well-being, and inclusion.

WINNER 2023 - Penrith- Local Business Awards

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Participant Referrals

Experience the difference with Rachel Carey, a seasoned NDIS leader, and elevate your business through strategic participant referrals, impactful speaking engagements, and tailored provider coaching.

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Connect with Rachel Carey and tap into nearly 20 years of dedicated NDIS experience with our comprehensive partner services, including specialised referrals, expert-led events, and personalised coaching.

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Leverage Rachel Carey’s two decades of NDIS expertise for your growth. Gain exclusive insights with our participant referrals and enhance your skills through our bespoke speaking events and coaching.

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Curious to learn more about Rachel’s transformative coaching program or gain insights into her impactful work?
Rachel is eager to connect with you and guide you towards a path of growth and success.

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