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Are You A Part of the NDIS Sector and Seeking to Elevate Your Personal and Professional Journey?

Get ready to embark on a journey like no other, exclusively designed
for passionate individuals in the NDIS sector who are on a quest for guidance in both professional and personal growth. Guided by NDIS expert, Rachel, this journey is tailor-made to equip you with the essential skills and strategies that will propel your business forward.

Experience a structured program that delves into essential business aspects meticulously designed to foster development. With each session, you’ll gain new strategies and a renewed sense of confidence. Sessions are conducted face to face, ensuring personalised engagement for maximum impact on your journey.

Gain Knowledge from an

NDIS Expert

With access to a multitude of extra benefits, Rachel is here to support you on your growth journey. Our personalised action plans ensure you’re well equipped to navigate challenges. Forge valuable connections within a network of peers who mirror your ambitions, opening doors to collaborative opportunities and shared learning.

Our program is more than mere coaching; it’s comprehensive support tailored to your unique needs. Beyond the program outline, you’ll have exclusive access to Rachel’s consulting expertise.

At the heart of it all lies our unwavering promise: your success is our biggest priority. Guided by this principle, we’re dedicated to arming you with empowering strategies, steadfast guidance, and a community united in propelling you toward your ultimate objectives. 

Tangible Results that Transform the Way You Operate

The outcomes intricately woven into Rachel’s coaching program, provide you with a holistic approach to personal and professional growth in the NDIS sector.

Enhanced Lead Generation

Discover how to attract and engage your target audience effectively. Rachel's guidance will help you harness the power of digital platforms and tailored strategies to generate high-quality leads that align with your long-term goals and objectives.

Streamlined Quality Framework

Achieve a higher standard of excellence as you navigate the intricacies of the NDIS sector. Rachel's coaching will equip to develop and implement a streamlined framework that ensures consistent service delivery.

Financial Mastery

By enrolling in Rachel's exclusive coaching program, you will learn to navigate funding models, compliance requirements, and revenue streams with ease. You'll forge a path that's not only financially sound but strategically aligned with your long-term objectives.

Compliance Confidence

Navigate the complex regulatory landscape of the NDIS sector with unwavering confidence. Rachel's guidance will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of compliance requirements. Navigate them seamlessly while upholding the highest standards.

Operational Efficiency

Discover the key to maximising efficiency across your operations. Rachel's insights will guide you in streamlining processes, optimising workflows, and identifying areas for improvement, all of which contribute to a more efficient and productive operation.

Empowered Leadership

Learn to elevate your leadership skills and inspire your team to excel. Enrolling in Rachel's program will empower you with leadership strategies that foster a collaborative and motivated environment, driving your team to reach new heights of success.




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  • Two individual 1:1 sessions per month
  • Quarterly group coaching session
  • Access to Rachel

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